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Quality Mattress Protectors & Pillow Protectors

When you invest money in quality products such as pillows and mattresses, it’s natural to want to get the best out of them for as long as possible. Buying a pillow or mattress protector increases longevity, as well as providing an additional hygienic barrier.

If you’re interested in prolonging the life of your mattress or pillows, our expert team will be able to recommend the ideal products for you. We stock protectors of all sizes, and we also sell waterproof mattress covers.


Double Silent Waterproof Hotel Mattress Protector

200tc Cotton Cover - Corner Straps - Double

Mattress Protector with 200 tc Cotton Cover

High quality elasticated skirt fitting mattress protector, quilted and easy to wash.

Waterproof Luxury Mattress Protector

Use this waterproof silent mattress protector to protect your mattress or topper

Luxury Pillow Protector

High quality, diamond quilted pillow protector with a zip fastening. Extend the life of your pillow.

Factory Seconds - Single Silent Waterproof Mattress Protectors

Slight mark on cover. A quality product which is absorbent and fully washable mattress protector.

Luxury King Pillow Protector

Extend the life of your king pillow with this great pillow protector