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Frequently Asked Questions

> Quality
How can I know what the quality is when there are so many websites which appear to offer the same product but at very different prices?
The simple way is to ask (if not shown) what the covering material is and the thread count. Logically, no manufacturer would use a very high quality, luxurious covering and fill it with rubbish and the higher the thread count, the higher the cost. This can be easily verified by Trading Standards whereas the percentage down can not. Davey Down’s minimum thread count is 233 (WHITE range) and 100% cotton is used and all is impregnable for house dust mites. See our feedback.
Does the source of the goose make any difference?
YES. There is evidence that the location of the birds affects the quality of the feathers and down as many factors including health, age and even climate have effects.
What is the difference between duck and goose down?
Geese are vegetarians, ducks are not, consequently, their feathers have a smell. The smell can be removed by modern detergents and permanently so by experienced manufactures. Our factories believe that certain duck down is superior to goose but, unfortunately, this down is silver/grey in colour which is unfashionable as this shows very slightly through even their top quality pure white cotton fabrics. However, it is not visible through a suitable duvet cover. 
Can you guarantee your percentage of down fill in your duvets.

Yes. After the feathers are washed and rinced using they are blown air dried. They are then separated by further air blowing whereby the heavy feathers sink to the bottom and are not used. This system is continued until only the down and the almost indistinguishable smallest white feathers remain. The final three huge vats again refine the down. The first is mainly small soft white feather but at least 10% down remains. The second can be classified as down but may contain up to 30% small feather. The final refinement is classified as down but may contain up to 20% of the smallest and lightest of feathers. Looking through the glass observation panels of the vats the feathers falling appear like light snow showers, the feathers looking a little heavier in falling.

Are the feathers likely to penetrate the cover and scratch my back?
 No The filling will not penetrate the high quality and high thread count fabrics which we use.
I don’t understand what difference the percentages of down makes?
The higher the down content, the softer and more luxurious and the less fill weight. You are kept equally warm in a lower down content duvet but it has more filling for the same tog rating and, of course, it is not as soft. However, the covering also plays a major part in comfort. Always check out the covering used and the thread count, the higher the thread count,the higher the softness.

> Delivery
Can you really deliver goods the next working day?
Yes, 99.4% of times on the mainland of England (Scotland 48hours) providing the order is received before 13.00 hours. NO, 0.56% of times due to inclement weather conditions (SNOW), accidents and other hold-ups beyond our direct control parcels can be delayed. You will be advised of the delivery date. You can track its progress on the internet and you will be given the telephone number of the local depot, also, we will normally advise you if a delay is expected.

> Returns
Can I return the goods if I have made a mistake or am disappointed?
Yes. No quibble, providing the goods are returned in their original packaging, unused and in perfect condition.

> Communication
I have found it difficult to find somebody to talk to when buying on the internet. Are you any different?
Yes, we sincerely hope so. Our customer services are available Monday to Saturday from 9am until 5.30pm and if busy you can leave your number and we will call you back.


Customer feedback

My uncomfortable mattress is now a delight to sleep on.   

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Part of our promise to you is that we always deliver on time, and we make returns easy in the event that your purchase is not right for you. We offer free next-day delivery in the UK by either courier or Royal Mail to ensure you receive your order as soon as possible. You can even order from elsewhere in the world - just get in touch to find out about postage charges that you might incur. We also accept returns of any unopened and unused products within seven days of the receipt of your goods.

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Davey Down is your top choice for luxury goose down duvets and other luxurious bedding and bed linen. We make sure to only source the best products and materials to offer you high quality, while at the same time keeping our prices affordable. We prioritise skilled craftsmanship and source our products from leading sources. Our customer service is designed to meet your needs, ensuring we go above and beyond the delivery of our products. Davey Down is committed to helping our customers with all their needs.

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