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Goose Down, Feather, Continental and Danish Pillows

Good quality pillows are essential for a good night’s sleep. At Davey Down, we understand the difference luxurious, supportive pillows can make and we stock a huge range of natural and microfibre products to suit all your needs. Our extensive selection features goose down, feather, Danish and Continental pillows.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to choosing pillows, and our team is trained to offer helpful advice to enable you to make the right selection. We sell hypoallergenic pillows, and we can also offer advice for those who suffer from chronic back or neck pain.


Microfibre Continental Square Pillow

This comfortable pillow contains 0.9 denier microfibre filling encased in pure white cotton.

White Goose Down Pillow - No Mite & Downfresh Certificate

This luxury item is filled with 80% new white goose down.

Duck Down Pillow on sale now

Duck Down Pillow

A comfortable product filled with 80% high lofting duck down.

Feather & Down Pillows No Mite & Downfresh Certificated

Filled with 85% new white duck feathers and 15% white duck down No Mite & Downfresh

Aerelle Softflex Microfibre Pillow

A good quality microfibre hypoallergenic pillow comes in both medium and firm.