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The Quality of our Feather & Down Duvets & Pillows

We have visited numerous factories across the world and selected the best feathers and down for our duvets and pillows.

Purity of materials is our first priority and their methods for washing feather and down has to be the most up-to-date using the most modern equipment and sterilising the product.

The white cotton has to be of high thread count and more than sufficient to prove that it is impenetrable to dust-mites (believed a common trigger for asthma) and prevent these mites from nesting, breeding, excreting and dying in the product.

All products comply with British and European standard Specifications and the British Standard Specification regarding fire retardant where required. We are also told that they comply to American Standards and more recently we have engaged Oeko-Tex 100 Standards Certification of purity for certain products. We have no direct influence on patented products.

All shipments of products from overseas are spot checked at the factory by our team to ensure that the qualities and  specifications are maintained.

Man-made synthetics are pure and sterile but are heavy in weight and do not breathe in the same manner as natural products and are inclined to retain moisture. Generally 0.9 denier Microfibre is used in Davey Down products which is excellent but other tested types are used in waterproof products as being most useful for purpose. Patented products are otherwise described elsewhere.

Our  next day delivery system is mainly through Interlink Express which we track and advise customers of delivery instructions and signed for security. Some very small packages are sent through the Royal Mail.

Our customer service is acclaimed by our customers and always available by email to customerservices@daveydown.com or telephone 01202-824105.

We believe that our quality of products is superb and this quality and caring is prevalent throughout Davey Down from factory to your door and beyond.


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