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The Dacron Climarelle Duvet & Bedding Collection

The Climarelle ™ sleep system regulates the temperature of your sleeping environment due to scientific advances in materials developed for NASA.  Our Climarelle duvets will therefore provide you with the ultimate night's sleep.

Climarelle is an astonishing thermo-regulating product designed for duvets, pillows and mattress protectors that absorbs, stocks and actively releases body heat to ensure a balanced temperature whilst sleeping. Your body temperature does vary through the night and a variance of only 0.5 degrees will result in your sleeping pattern being broken.
If temperature is higher than ideal, the phase change material PCM microcapsules, integrated within the soft liner, become fluid and provides a cooling effect, bringing the temperature back to the optimum. When the body temperature falls again, the microcapsules again change phase from liquid to solid, releasing heat energy back to the body.
All items are washable as fully described on the labels The fibres used as filling are of the highest quality available for luxury bedding which are soft and long lasting and non allergenic.  
Climarelle duvets and mattress protectors are made in Scotland. For best prices and delivery please call DaveyDown on 01202 824105.
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Climarelle Duvet
A duvet that creates the perfect sleeping environment by working with your body temperature

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Climarelle Pillow

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Climarelle Mattress Protector
The Climarelle mattress protector will manage your body temperature while you are sleeping

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Climarelle Complete Sleep System
The Climarelle mattress protector will manage your body temperature while you are sleeping

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Before using this product and by careful observation, you will notice that one side of the cover is plain white and the other side is indented “climarelle”. Put the indented side next to your body and it will provide the thermo-regulation process.  If you put the plain white face next to your body, the thermo-regulation will not be active, leaving you the flexibility to choose.
These products have been tested by the physiological anthropology research group in Kiev. Climate chamber tests show that with Climarelle the temperature next to the body remains stable during the night. It has also been tested for harmful substances and awarded the Oeko-Tex 100 certificate and is to BS 5335 and BS 4745 standards. Each product label is separately numbered to ensure that they meet the strict quality standards. Climarelle is the regestered trade mark of Dupont SA
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